Clin Gastroenterol Int. 2020;2(1):CGI-02-1011 | Open Access

Epidemiology and Risk Factors of Helicobacter pylori Infection among Moroccan Children: Comparison between Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Children

Najat Bouihat, Amine Cheikh, Nezha Mouane, Younes Smani, Amine El Hassani, Mostafa El Ouennass, Hoda M. Malaty and Amina Benouda

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated May 14, 2020   PDF

Clin Gastroenterol Int. 2020;2(1):CGI-02-1010 | Open Access

Diarrhea and Intestinal Microbiota

Álvaro Zamudio-Tiburcio, Héctor Bermúdez-Ruiz, Pedro Antonio Reyes-López and Silverio Alonso López

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated May 12, 2020   PDF

Clin Gastroenterol Int. 2020;2(1):CGI-02-1009 | Open Access

Pseudomembranous Colitis with Viral Inclusions and Arenavirus-like Particles

Van Kruiningen HJ, Brian West A, Khairallah LH, Compton SR and Dreznick JT

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated May 09, 2020   PDF

Clin Gastroenterol Int. 2020;2(1):CGI-02-1008 | Open Access

Can Ultrasound Elastography Predict Esophageal Varices in Hepatic Disease?

Rajul Rastogi, Neha, Yuktika Gupta and Vijai Pratap

MINI REVIEW Updated May 05, 2020   PDF

Clin Gastroenterol Int. 2020;1(1):CGI-01-1007 | Open Access

Endoscopic Obliteration with Cyanoacrylate Glue for Gastric Fundal Variceal bleeding: Analyzing Results from a 28-year Experience with an in-House Technique

Hiroaki Iwase, Masaaki Shimada, Noboru Hirashima, Masaaki Saito, Hisashi Kondo, Noboru Urata, Satoshi Unita, Takashi Kondo, Daiki Tanaka and Takuya Tsunekawa

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Mar 24, 2020   PDF

Clin Gastroenterol Int. 2019;1(1):CGI-01-1006 | Open Access

Antimicrobial Activity of Aqueous Extract from P. atlantica Roots

Marwa Ben Hmed and Slim Cherif

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Dec 26, 2019   PDF

Clin Gastroenterol Int. 2019;1(1):CGI-01-1005 | Open Access

Submucosal Ligation and Suck Endoscopic Separated-Resection a Technique for Excision of Small Gastric Stromal Tumors

Changchun C, Cuiping Y, Xiaojin Y, Yingming L, Mingfu T, Xijin W and Junli Z

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Dec 13, 2019   PDF

Clin Gastroenterol Int. 2018;1(1):CGI-01-1004 | Open Access

Is There a Linkage between Celiac Disease and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes?

Nicoletta Di Simone, Matteo Gratta and Giovanni Scambia

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Oct 15, 2018   PDF

Clin Gastroenterol Int. 2018;1(1):CGI-01-1003 | Open Access

The Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Cirrhosis: One of Our Priorities

Eva Roman

LETTER TO EDITOR Updated Oct 01, 2018   PDF

Clin Gastroenterol Int. 2018;1(1):CGI-01-1002 | Open Access

Possible Effects of Balneotherapeutic Methods in the Treatment of Psoriasis and Eczema

Bulent Elitok

PERSPECTIVE Updated Sep 24, 2018   PDF

Clin Gastroenterol Int. 2018;1(1):CGI-01-1001 | Open Access

A Global View to Parvoviral Enteritis

Bulent Elitok and Duygu Caliskan

PERSPECTIVE Updated Sep 24, 2018   PDF