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Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(2):AJCCR-04-1084 | Open Access

Study on APC gene mutation in Chinese Familial Adenomatous Polyposis

Zhao Zhang, Yifan Ren, Wei Sun, Ruicheng Li, Jiaqi Kang, Mingsen Li and Xipeng Zhang

Introduction: Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP), which has a very high tendency of progression to colorectal cancer, is mainly caused by ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(2):AJCCR-04-1083 | Open Access

Early onset necrotizing enterocolitis in full term newborn associated with placental chorangiosis: A case report

Mahmoud AM Ali 1 , Biju Thomas2 , Mohsen A Farghaly2 , Mahsa Chitsaz3 and Marwa M Elgendy4*

Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) is a serious inflammatory disease that affects intestinal wall in premature infants. Full-term infants account for approximately 10% ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(2):AJCCR-04-1082 | Open Access

Congenital bronchogenic cyst

Ogbudu SO 1,2* , Nwagboso CI 1 , Echieh CP1,2 , Eze NJ1 , Etiuma AU 1,2 , Bassey OO 1 , Ugbem TI 2,3 , Abdulrasheed J4

Background: Bronchogenic cysts are lesions of congenital origin derived from the primitive foregut and are the most prevailing primary cysts ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(2):AJCCR-04-1081 | Open Access

Bilateral chest injury in a single gunshot injury; right pleural breach with an open pneumothorax and a cavitary chest wall wound from an AK-47- a case report

Ogbudu SO , Eze NJ, Nwagboso CI, Echieh CP, Etiuma AU and Bassey OO

Background: The effect of tissue injury depends not only on the muzzle kinetic energy, the distance from the muzzle to ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(2):AJCCR-04-1080 | Open Access

Skin metastases of malignant pleural mesothelioma

Ogbudu SO , Eze JN , Nwagboso CI , Echieh CP , Etiuma AU, Bassey OO, Ozinko MO and Ogbudu HE

Background: Mesothelial cells are derived from the primitive embryonic mesoderm and line the pleurae and peritoneum. There are involved in ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(2):AJCCR-04-1079 | Open Access

Prevalence of Inguinal Hernia and Its Risk Factors In Adult Males Admitted to Surgical Wards of Wolaita Sodo Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia.

Tilahun Sisay and Kassa Daka Gidebo

Background: An inguinal hernia is defined as the protrusion or passage of a peritoneal sac, with or without abdominal contents, ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(2):AJCCR-04-1078 | Open Access

Calcifying Fibrous Tumor within Lung Parenchyma: Case Report

Vanessa El mir Arida , Angel Alvarez dos Santos , Daniel Carvalho , Ernesto Evangelista Neto , Carlos Jogi Imaeda and Rimarcs Gomes Ferreira

Calcifying fibrous tumor is a rare benign neoplasm, with few cases reported within lung parenchyma. Due to its rarity and ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(1):AJCCR-04-1077 | Open Access

An Immunohistochemcial assessment of Endoglin (CD105) expression in Oral epithelial dysplasias and Oral Squamous cell carcinomas.

A Bhargav Kumar Gudipati, P Ranga Raju, N Govind Raj Kumar, Nagaraj Anand and P Ahalya

Introduction: Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) is the eighth most common malignant epithelial neoplasm. Clinical studies suggest that 10% to 20% of ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(1):AJCCR-04-1076 | Open Access

Incidence of Tuberculosis and Sarcoidosis in Patients with Histopathologic Granulomatous Inflammation

Sunnetcioglu A , Sunnetcioglu M , Mermit B1 and Aras I

Background: Granulomatous inflammation is a distinct form of chronic inflammation in response to a variety of infectious, autoimmune, toxic, allergic ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(1):AJCCR-04-1075 | Open Access

Submandibular Gland Involvement, As an Unusual and the Only Site of Breast Cancer Metastasis, Detected in FDG PET/CT Study

Gholami G, Javan FN, Rasoulian B, Emami F, Sadeghi R, Dadgar H and Aghaee A

We present a rare case of solitary submandibular gland metastases in a 40 years old lady after being treated for invasive ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(1):AJCCR-04-1074 | Open Access

The Value of Colon Cancer Screening in Developing Countries

Dan-Nicolae B*

Objectives: Colorectal cancer is the third most diagnosed cancer worldwide and the second most common cause of cancer death. If ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2023;4(1):AJCCR-04-1073 | Open Access

Link between Two Decades of Oral Contraceptives and Bowel Infarction: A Case Report

Marina-Georgia B*

Objectives: Partial or total necrosis of the bowel is a frequent cause of obstruction of the mesenteric artery or vein. ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(5):AJCCR-03-1072 | Open Access

Cholecystitis in Young Age due to Cholesterolosis: A Case Report Study

Mehdi Chinifroush Asl and Mahsan Nabighadim

Background: Cholesterolosis of the gallbladder, is characterized by the accumulation of cholesterol esters and triglycerides in macrophages on the surface ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(5):AJCCR-03-1071 | Open Access

WPW Syndrome: Review of Literature

Jayesh Trivedi*, Shail Jani, Sagar Solanki, Farhan Piprani, Hardik Chaudhary and Twinkle Rana

Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) disorder is a disorder where there is additional accessory electrical pathway in the heart. Wolff-Parkinson- White syndrome (WPW) ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(4):AJCCR-03-1070 | Open Access

Our Commitments and Efforts to Cancer Patients in Developing Countries

Michael Silbermann

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(4):AJCCR-03-1069 | Open Access

A Huge Cystic Mesenteric Lymphangioma of Small Intestine Involving Ileum: An Unusual Cause of Abdominal Pain

Verma Prashant, Kumar Madhu and Rawat JD

Background: Lymphangioma of the small-bowel mesentery are very rare, and lymphangiomas in the jejunum or ileum are extremely rare, accounting ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(4):AJCCR-03-1068 | Open Access

Views on Racial and Ethnic Equality in Health Care and Research

Silbermann M, Rassouli M, Mwaka AD and Gafer N

The present article deals with the still existing inequalities in health care services and to a lesser extent in the ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(4):AJCCR-03-1067 | Open Access

Antibodies with Clinico-Immunological Mismatch: An Emerging Conundrum

Swayam Prakash, Kadam Nagpal and Rajendra Singh Jain

Introduction: The field of Neuroimmunology is expanding rapidly with the advent of newer antibodies and their phenotypes. Considering the treatability ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(4):AJCCR-03-1066 | Open Access

A New Onset of Psychosis in a Patient with COVID-19

Saida Yeshimbetova1, Dina Gazizova2, Abdulla Mazgutov3*, Aygulim Abetova1, Natalia Raspopova1 and Kairatbek Sarsembayev1

Psychiatric sequelae of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (COVID-19) such as depression and anxiety spectrum disorders have attracted a ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(3):AJCCR-03-1065 | Open Access

Challenges Facing Lung Cancer Patients Who Need Palliative and Supportive Care during COVID-19 Pandemic

Karima Elshamy*

Lung cancer is often associated with significant morbidity, and has been profoundly impacted by the global pandemic of severe acute ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(3):AJCCR-03-1064 | Open Access

Incidence and Treatment of Pain in Patients who Attend the Emergency Department of a Children’s Hospital in Dominican Republic, January - March, 2019

Marleni Regalada Torres Núñez, Aldo Yewed Majluta Yeb, Wendy Cristhyna Gómez García and Michael Silbermann

Pain, one of the most prevalent symptoms in pediatric patients who visit the emergency department, is frequently underestimated and managed ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(3):AJCCR-03-1063 | Open Access

Crohn’s Disease Concurrent with Hemoglobin E (HbE) Disease Manifested as Melaena with Severe Anaemia

Afia Zainab Tanni, Dewan Saifuddin Ahmed, Md. Ibrahim Siddique and MSI Tipu Chowdhury

Hemoglobin E (HbE) disease is an inherited autosomal recessive disorder presented as mild anaemia and occasionally a slightly enlarged spleen ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(3):AJCCR-03-1062 | Open Access

Secondary Membranous Nephropathy: “Full-House” Pattern in a Syphilis and Parvovirus B19 Coinfection

Borja Temes Álvarez* and María Jesús Camba Caride

Introduction: The Syphilis can share many similarities with multiple autoinmune diseases, mostly when it evolves to secondary syphilis with its ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(3):AJCCR-03-1061 | Open Access

A Case of Type 1 Kounis Syndrome Induced by Angong Niuhuang Pill in a Patient Vaccinated with COVID-19 Vaccine

Yuan Cao, Xuewen Wang, Feixue Li, Zizhao Zhang and Yanmin XU

Kounis syndrome refers to an acute coronary syndrome, consequent to an allergic reaction. It results from mast cell degranulation with ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(2):AJCCR-03-1060 | Open Access

Anaesthetic Management of a Case of Acquired Tracheoesophageal Fistula for Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Insertion: It Is Taxing but Delightsome at the end

Debashish Paul*, Ravindra Babu, Shamik Kumar Paul, Kaminder Bir Kaur, John M Kumar and Gunjan Singh

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(2):AJCCR-03-1059 | Open Access

Emerging Infectious Agents: An Unusual Case of Metapneumovirus Pneumonia in an Adult Patient

Bigoni T, Urbani F, Papi A, Greco GF* and Beccaria M

Human Metapneumovirus (hMPV), a relatively new virus, is a common cause of acute respiratory infection, especially common in the pediatric ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(2):AJCCR-03-1058 | Open Access

M-TACE Caused a Massive Necrosis of Liver Metastasis from Submandibular Cancer: A Case Report

Yu Jiaze, Zhang Wen and Yan Zhiping*

Approximately, 40 – 45 percent of submandibular gland tumors are malignant. Liver is one of the most common sites of distant metastatic ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(2):AJCCR-03-1057 | Open Access

Parathyroid Carcinoma Presented as a Consumptive Syndrome with Diarrhea

Ribas LM, Silva TC, Takada LFI, Biagini GLK, Gama RR and Gama MPR

Parathyroid carcinoma (PC) is a rare condition in which severe hypercalcemia is frequently associated with a palpable cervical mass. The ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(2):AJCCR-03-1056 | Open Access

End-stage, Chicago/FBF Type I Achalasia in a Patient with Long-standing Untreated Dysphagia: Case Report and Pictorial Essay

Fontanella G, Borrelli S, Fuggi G, Russo M and Biondo FG

We describe here the clinical history of a 52-year old woman presenting with a severe long-standing esophageal dysphagia of more ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(1):AJCCR-03-1053 | Open Access

Efficacy and Safety of Pharmacological Treatments for Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis

Shuo Zhang, Kui-Wu Yao, Zhen-Lin Chen, Jia-Jia Li, Shi-Jun Yue and Yu-Ping Tang

Introduction: To conducted a Bayesian network meta-analysis to determine the efficacy, safety and precision of pharmacological treatment for pregnancyinduced hypertension (...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(1):AJCCR-03-1055 | Open Access

Human Breast Milk to Heal Grandma: Just what the Doctor Ordered

Tzeela Cohen* and Simon Wein

The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is common amongst cancer patients. Evidence shows these treatment modalities may address ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(1):AJCCR-03-1054 | Open Access

An Update on the Status of the Most Prevalent Cancer Types in Western Africa and Their Management

Wilson Astudillo, Michael Silbermann, Antonio Salinas, John Comba, Fernando Rivilla and Zemilson Bastos B

Sub-Saharan countries have a very high burden of cancer and mortality, especially breast cancer, cervical cancer and those from an ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(1):AJCCR-03-1052 | Open Access

Negative Surgical Margins following Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy for Organ-Confined Prostate Cancer: What’s next?

Vinayak G Wagaskar, Stainslaw Sobotka, Parita Ratnani, Micah Levy, Kenneth Haines III, Peter Wiklund and Ash Tewari

Background: The majority of men undergoing Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy (RARP) have pathological T2 disease with negative surgical margins. Nevertheless, some ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2022;3(1):AJCCR-03-1051 | Open Access

Scurvy: Cases of an Old Disease in Two Neurotypical Pediatric Patients in a Children's Hospital

Marleni Regalada Torres Núñez, Andrea Montano Ballesteros, Zara Zaidi, Carole D Brathwaite, Roberto Gomara, Veronica Etinger and Michael Silbermann

Scurvy, caused by the dietary deficiency of vitamin C, is an uncommon disease among the pediatric population. In this report, ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(7):AJCCR-03-1050 | Open Access

Palliative Care for a Patient with Advanced Cervical Cancer - Case Report

Gonca Tuncel Oğuz and Michael Silbermann

Patients with advanced cancer are often affected by multiple symptoms, causing both physical and psychosocial suffering. Palliative care is a ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(7):AJCCR-03-1049 | Open Access

An Invasive Tumor Thrombus from Renal Cell Carcinoma in the Right Heart: Case Report

Erick D Lopez*, Carmel Moazez*, Carlos Roldan, Carlos Vazquez-Sosa, Daniel Maoz-Metzl, Brian Castlemain and Veena Raizada

Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) with metastatic tumor thrombus and cardiac involvement is rare and has only been reported in a ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(7):AJCCR-02-1047 | Open Access

When Should Nanny Elbow be Considered Child Neglector Abuse?

Hakan Özdemir M*, Özgür Can I and Gökçe Karaman

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(7):AJCCR-02-1046 | Open Access

Green Urıne: A Rare Side Effect of Propofol in a Pediatric Case

Çelik Müge, Müge Coşkun Çelik and Tetiker Sibel

Propofol is a short-acting intravenous sedative-hypnotic agent widely used to induce and maintain general anesthesia and sedation. A rare side ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(6):AJCCR-02-1045 | Open Access

Septic Arthritis with Candida in a Young Immunocompetent

Hassikou H*, Boudhar El Mehdi, Guich Abdelhafid and Jebbouri Youssef

Being part of the causes of septic arthritis, fungal arthritis is uncommon and is most often caused by the Candida ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(6):AJCCR-02-1044 | Open Access

An Unusual Cause of Chest Pain- Reflux Esophagitis Combined with Penetrating Aortic Ulcer

Bao-Can Wang, Jing Zeng, Guang-Ming Li, Chun-Rong Bao and Cui-Cui Shi

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(6):AJCCR-02-1043 | Open Access

Intracranial Extramedullary Hematopoiesis as “Ghost Tumor (Meningioma)”: First Case Report in Sickle Cell Disease and Review of Literature

Shaymaa Al-Umran*, Fatimah Al Shakhs, Basmah Saeed Al Zahrani, Ali Al-Ahmad, Mariam Al-Umran, Reem Al Marshad and Basit Ali Syed

Extramedullay hematopoiesis (EMH) is a common compensatory phenomenon to chronic hemolytic anemias. Commonly occurs in the liver, spleen, kidney, lymph ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(6):AJCCR-02-1042 | Open Access

Bowing of the Lower Limbs in a Newborn with Maternal Hypoparathyroidism: A Case Report

Sappler M1, Mutz-Dehbalaie I3, Amrein K4, Griesmaier E1* and Steichen-Gersdorf E2

Introduction: Skeletal deformities cause difficulties in diagnosis and lead to uncertainty. Bowing of the lower limbs include a heterogeneous and ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(6):AJCCR-02-1041 | Open Access

Bilateral Symmetrical Serous Retinal Detachment as a Complication of HELLP Syndrome

Sakhnyny T, Gekeler F, Leschke S and Alnahrawy O*

The Incidence of Serous Retinal Detachment (SRD) in HELLP Syndrom is rare. Till now, there are just few published case ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(5):AJCCR-02-1040 | Open Access

Methylene Blue as Rescue Therapy for COVID-19 Patients Who Failed to Respond to other Therapies (Final Report)

Saied Hafizi Lotfabadi1, Ahmad Bagheri Moghaddam2, Mohsen Seddigh Shamsi3, Hadi Bagheri Hoseini3, Behruz Khaleghimanesh3, Shahin Saadatian1, Seyed Hadi Hashemi1, George Koliakos4, Bharat Bhushan5, Behzad Mavaji Darban6 and Daryoush Hamidi Alamdari6*

Background: There is debate about the efficacy and safety of antiviral drugs for treatment of COVID-19 patients. In our first ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(5):AJCCR-03-1039 | Open Access

Non-operative Management of a Penetrating Splenic Injury: A Case Report

Chukwubuike Kevin Emeka*

Introduction: Penetrating abdominal injury is usually managed by operative treatment: Non-operative treatment is rarely practiced by surgeons. The focus of ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(5):AJCCR-03-1038 | Open Access

Two Fulminant Tuberculosis Meningitis Cases without BCG Vaccine

Mehmet Emin Menetoğlu1*, Nihal Akçay1, Ayşe İrem Sofuoğlu1, Nevin Hatipoğlu2 and Esra Şevketoğlu1

Tuberculosis (TB) is still an important health problem in developing countries. It is a multisystemic disease that can affect many ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(5):AJCCR-03-1037 | Open Access

Primary Plasma Cell Leukaemia with Near-Tetraploidy: A Case Report

Nurul Asyikin Nizam Akbar1,4, Zefarina Zulkafli1,4, Marne Abdullah1,4, Abu Dzarr Abdullah2,4, Faezahtul Arbaeyah Hussain3,4 and Rosline Hassan

Plasma Cell Leukaemia (PCL) is an uncommon neoplasm of plasma cells, in which clonal plasma cells constitute > 20% of total ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(5):AJCCR-03-1036 | Open Access

Early T Cell Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia with t(1;12;13) (p22;p11.2;q14) in a 7-Month Old Girl

Sarah Abdul Halim, Norsarwany Mohamad, Ariffin Nasir, Ravindran Ankhatil and Rosline Hassan

We describe a case of an infant diagnosed with Early T cell Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ETP-ALL). This leukaemia is ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(4):AJCCR-03-1035 | Open Access

Resilience as A Way Out of COVID-19

Antonio Tancredi* and Giuseppe Di Pumpo

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(4):AJCCR-03-1034 | Open Access

Bier Spots on the Face: Case Report

Sema Aytekin*

Bier spots (BS) are asymptomatic, irregular, hypopigmented macules on an erythematous background and are usually found on the arms and ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(4):AJCCR-03-1033 | Open Access

An Unusual Case of Spontaneous Bilateral Orbital Hematoma

Divya Goyal, K Rajeshwari*, Ruchi Goel and Deepak Kumar

Scurvy is preventable disease caused by deficiency of vitamin C. It can present with non specific signs and symptoms. Therefore ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(4):AJCCR-03-1032 | Open Access

Sars-cov-2 Vaccination: What's the deal with Thrombosis?

Ioannis A Kyriazis*

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(4):AJCCR-03-1031 | Open Access

Covid-19: False Beliefs and Confabulation

Gianfranco Dalla Barba1-3* and Valentina La Corte2,4

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(2):AJCCR-03-1030 | Open Access

Massive Pleural Effusion with Bedside Echocardiographic Findings Suggestive of Pulmonary Thromboembolism after Left Internal Jugular Venous Catheterization: A Case Report

Hoon Kim*

Bed-side echocardiography is critical for the diagnosis and management of undifferentiated shock. We report a case of massive hydrothorax after ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(2):AJCCR-02-1029 | Open Access

The Case of a Patient with Primary Amenorrhea and Arterial Hypertension

Alvaro Pachón-Burgos1*, Don Manuel Guerrero-Monteza2, Rafael Santamaria-Alvarez3, Johan Serrano-Quintero4 and Martha Patricia Chan-Aguilar5

Objective: To highlight the importance in the etiological study of secondary arterial hypertension. Method: Describe a clinical case: clinical history, ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(2):AJCCR-02-1028 | Open Access

A Lady with an Ulcer on the Right Hand and Verrucous Lesions on the Li

Claudia Micalizzi1, Maria Parodi2, Emanuele Cozzani1, Alfredo Rebora1 and Aurora Parodi1*

A case of Ulcerative Lichen Planus (ULP) of a palm associated with hypertrophic lichen planus is reported. ULP is usually ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(2):AJCCR-02-1027 | Open Access

An Analyst’s Snapshot of Covid-era Sessions

Anna Aragno

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(2):AJCCR-02-1026 | Open Access

Asymtomatic Woman with Abdominal Mass

Ruiz Hernández JJ*, Alaoui Quesada A, Lozano Peralta E and Jiménez González B

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(2):AJCCR-02-1025 | Open Access

Management of Sleep Apnoea (due to nose block) in a Case of Thalassemia Major

Sudhir B Sharma

This paper presents a case of Thalassemia Major (Beta Type), a major bleeding disorder where major surgery is usually avoided. ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(1):AJCCR-02-1024 | Open Access

Sexual Violence against Children in Brazil - The Importance of Immediate Reporting

Ivan Dieb Miziara1* and Carmen Silvia Molleis Galego Miziara2

Miziara ID, Galego Miziara CSM. Sexual Violence against Children in Brazil - The Importance of Immediate Reporting. Am J Clin ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(1):AJCCR-02-1023 | Open Access

Prevalence of Osteo-Sarcopenia and Osteosarcopenic Obesity in Healthy Ambulatory Subjects older than 45 years in France

Christophe de Jaeger1*, Elena Voronska1 , Carla Lamberti1 , Kruiskamp Saskia1 and Patrick Cherin2

This study aims to determine the prevalence of sarcopenia and osteopenia/osteoporosis among a population of 1508 healthy ambulatory subjects over 45 ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(1):AJCCR-02-1022 | Open Access

Adenocarcinoma of the Rete Testis: Interest of FDG PET/CT and Aggressive Surgical Management: A Case Report

Pani M1*, van Damme J1, Ndiaye M1, Lhommel R2, Dano H3 and Feyaerts A1

Primary adenocarcinoma of the rete testis is a rare testicular tumor, classically associated with a poor prognosis. Due to its ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;2(1):AJCCR-02-1021 | Open Access

A Four-Vessel Cervical Artery Dissection Associated with a Tonic Seizure

Biljana Georgievski Brkić1, Marjana Vukićević2, Tija Apostolović3, Vuk Djulejić4, Branka Marković5 and Slobodan Marinković6*

The four-vessel cervical artery dissection is extremely rare. To our knowledge, its association with epilepsy has never been reported. A ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2021;1(1):AJCCR-01-1020 | Open Access

A Diagnostic Approach to Combined Hepatocellular- Cholangocarcinomas (cHCC-CCA)

Sahil Ajit Saraf1, Laura Ling Ying Tan2 and Wei-Qiang Leow1,3*

Combined Hepatocellular-Cholangiocarcinomas (cHCC-CCA) are rare tumours, accounting for 2% to 5% of all primary liver cancers. cHCC-CCA is defined by the unequivocal ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1019 | Open Access

The First Case of Reactive Arthritis Associated with SARS-CoV-2-Infection in a 4-Year Old Child

Stephanie Gabriele Werner* and Hans-Eckhard Langer

Background: The novel coronavirus SARS‐CoV‐2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) and its associated disease COVID‐19 (Corona Virus Disease 19) has ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1018 | Open Access

Multiple Drug-Induced Liver Injury: Case Report

Ahmed Zaiem*

Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI) is a leading cause of acute liver failure and represents the first cause of fatalities related ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1017 | Open Access

Diffuse Gastro-intestinal Pneumatosis: Case Report

Deleuze Catherine1*, Brassart Nicolas2, Journe Stephane1, Rasmont Céline1 and Lemaitre Jean1

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1016 | Open Access

Giant Cystic Phaeochromocytoma: A Case Report

Nathalie Hock1, Claudia Hannele Mazzetti1, Catherine Chassaing2, Isolde Ramon3, Patrick Carlier1 and Jean Lemaitre1*

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1015 | Open Access

Caecal Volvulus and Jejunostomy: Challenging Diagnostic

Morera-Grau A1*, Membrilla-Fernández E1,2, González-Castillo AM1,2, Pelegrina-Manzano A1, Guerrero-Ortiz MA1, Téllez-Marquès C1, Pons-Fraguero MJ1, Guzmán-Ahumada J1,2, Pera-Román M1,2 and Sancho-Insenser JJ1,2

Caecal volvulus represent the 20%-40% of all volvulus in colon, being the second localization in frequency after the sigmoid colon ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1014 | Open Access

Cryptococcal Meningitis as a Fatal Complication of Sarcoidosis

Anna Hanserl1, Judith Sautner1,2 and Burkhard F Leeb2-4*

Cryptococcosis typically affects patients infected with immunodeficiency virus (HIV), but it may also occur in individuals under immunosuppressive treatment. Since ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1013 | Open Access

Characteristics of MTHFR C677T and A1298C Polymorphisms in Infertile Men and Impact of 3 Weeks of Yoga on MTHFR gene Expression: A Clinical Case Report

Dibakar Borthakur1, Rajeev Kumar2, Manoj Kumar1 and Rima Dada1*

Introduction: One of the enzymes of the folate metabolism is methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR). The MTHFR gene polymorphism is correlated with ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1012 | Open Access

Mitochondrial Health-Role of Yoga: Clinical Implications

Surabhi Gautam1, Uma Kumar2, Manoj Kumar1, Deeksha Rana1 and Rima Dada1*

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1011 | Open Access

Early onset Streptococcal Pneumoniae Infection: An Unusual and Fatal Case

Monika Kaushal

Streptococcal Pneumonia Infection In Neonates (SPIN) though rare still is a cause of neonatal sepsis and can mimic Group B ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1010 | Open Access

Idiopathic Sacrococcygeal Calcinosis Cutis

Epipode Ntawuyamara, Shi Xiaoxuan and Daxing Cai

Calcinosis cutis is deposition of calcium and phosphorus in the skin. It is a rare benign disease. Idiopathic calcinosis cutis ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(2):AJCCR-01-1009 | Open Access

Hypnic Headache due to Bing and Neel Syndrome

Jamal Mounach, Ahmed Bourazza and Amal Satté

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1005 | Open Access

Sudden Death by Myocardial Infarction in Children

Malek ZRIBI, Jawaher KAMMOUN, Wiem BENAMAR, Zouhir HAMMAMI and Samir MAATOUG

We report the case of fatal myocardial infarction in a 14-year-old child. In these antecedents, he had an 11-year history ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1008 | Open Access

Vitrectomy with Temporal Approach Technique is Helpful in Removing Severe Diabetic Proliferative Membrane

Kohei Sampa, Masahiko Sugimoto and Mineo Kondo

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1007 | Open Access

Treatment of External Iliac Artery Pseudoaneurysm Developing after Percutaneous Closure of Ventricular Septal Defect

Mehmet COŞKUN, Murat Muhtar YILMAZER, Mehmet MURAT, Cüneyt ZIHNI, Çagatay BILEN, Engin GERÇEKER, Gamze VURAN and Timur MEŞE

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1006 | Open Access

Unilateral Lower Limb Paresis Revealing Split Cord Malformation

Jamal Mounach and Amal Satté

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):ajccr-1004 | Open Access

A Case of Breast Cancer with Duodenal Metastasis

Fen Ming Zhang, Hong Tan Chen, Wei Chen, Long Gui Ning, Hua Tuo Zhu, Sai Heng Xiang , Li Jun Wang, Guo Qiang Xu

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):ajccr-1003 | Open Access

A Rare Cause of Adrenal Insufficiency in a Preterm Baby Born with an Extremely Low Birth Weight and Suspicious (Ambiguus) Genitalia: 3-Beta Hydroxysteroid Deficiency

Gündüz Mehmet and Hayrettin Temel

In Congenital Adrenal Insufficiency (CAD), cortisol synthesis decreases or disappears as a result of deficiencies in enzymes that play a ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):ajccr-1002 | Open Access

BiPAP Is Not Always the Right Answer

Ali Dahhan

Severe emphysema can result in spontaneous pneumothorax and even pneumomediastinum and cause acute dyspnea. Early recognition is important because routine ...

Am J Clin Case Rep. 2020;1(1):AJCCR-01-1001 | Open Access

Hereditary Hemochromatosis and Restrictive Cardiomyopathy Caused by Missense Mutation in HAMP and DSP: A Case Report

Iokfai CHEANG, Shengen LIAO, Rongrong GAO, Yanli ZHOU, Yi XU, Yinsu ZHU and Xinli LI

Background: The type 2 Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH), caused by HJV or HAMP gene mutation, is an autosomal recessive disorder. HH caused ...