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Annals of Clinical Cases

Annals of Clinical Cases (ISSN: 2692-7993) is a high-quality, international, open access, scholarly journal aimed to disseminate the clinical outcomes using clinical cases and reports from all different fields of Medicine. The primary task of the journal is to serve the scientific community through publishing the recent advancements and techniques which improves the global health and better understanding of clinical practices.

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The main aim of the journal is to rapidly publish qualitative articles on clinical cases research, common as well as uncommon cases, rare scenarios, clinical guidelines, case reports, observational studies, clinical trials, systematic reviews, case series and procedures in the form of the Research, Review, Case Report, Short Communication, Clinical Images, Editorial, Commentaries, Perspectives and more. Editorial Board of the journal plays a significant role and ensure to maintain the quality of the journal.

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Adel  W Ekladious - Annals of Clinical Cases

Adel W Ekladious

University of Western Australia

Ling Wang  - Annals of Clinical Cases

Ling Wang

Fudan University

Abdelmonem Awad M. Hegazy - Annals of Clinical Cases

Abdelmonem Awad M. Hegazy

Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST)

Nikolaos Machairiotis - Annals of Clinical Cases

Nikolaos Machairiotis

Royal Oldham Hospital
United Kingdom

Valeriu Gheorghita - Annals of Clinical Cases

Valeriu Gheorghita

Central Military Emergency University Hospital "Dr Carol Davila"

Camelia-Vidita Gurban - Annals of Clinical Cases

Camelia-Vidita Gurban

Victor BabeĊŸ University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Evelise Frazzetto - Annals of Clinical Cases

Evelise Frazzetto

University of Catania

Maria Mazzitelli - Annals of Clinical Cases

Maria Mazzitelli

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
United Kingdom

Yesh Sharma - Annals of Clinical Cases

Yesh Sharma


Sidi Mohammed El Amine Debbal  - Annals of Clinical Cases

Sidi Mohammed El Amine Debbal

University of Tlemcen

Cesare Formisano - Annals of Clinical Cases

Cesare Formisano

University of Naples Federico II

Sriram Krishnamoorthy - Annals of Clinical Cases

Sriram Krishnamoorthy

Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education & Research


Ann Clin Cases. 2022;3(1):ACC-1038 | Open Access

An Unusual Presentation of Thrombotic Microangiopathy after an Aortic Trauma

Valentin de Villiers de la Noue, Alain Wynckel, Bruno Mourvillier and Antoine Goury

CASE REPORT Updated Jul 05, 2022   PDF

Ann Clin Cases. 2021;2(3):ACC-1037 | Open Access

Pulmonary Cavitation Post COVID-19 Pneumonia: A Case Report

Arjun Kumar, Rahul Kumar Gupta, Avishek Layek, Manju Bala and Akhlesh

CASE REPORT Updated Aug 13, 2021   PDF

Ann Clin Cases. 2021;2(3):ACC-1036 | Open Access

Unusual Cause of Neck Pain in Young Female Adult: Disseminated Tuberculosis

Pratap U, Abhishek C, Ravindrachari M, Selvaraj and Vishnukanth G

CASE REPORT Updated Aug 12, 2021   PDF

Ann Clin Cases. 2021;2(3):ACC-1035 | Open Access

A Case Report of a Giant Adrenal Angiomyolipoma at Computed Tomography

Francesco Messina, Lorena Turano and Nicola Arcadi

CASE REPORT Updated Jun 25, 2021   PDF

Ann Clin Cases. 2021;2(2):ACC-1034 | Open Access

Diagnostic Review of an Important Criminal Dilemma: Entrapment Madness

Saeed Shoja Shafti

MINI REVIEW Updated Mar 11, 2021   PDF