About the Journal

Annals in Clinical Images and Short Reports formally known as Annals in Clinical Images and Short Reports captures and illustrates the sense of visual discovery and diversifications that clinicians encounter every day in their practice. The journal chronicles the most quality information on imaging science and relevant clinical information, therapeutic strategies to update the global health outcomes in an understandable and useful format and it provides a platform for physicians and concerning researchers to secure visual images in clinical and medical cases in all subspecialties of radiology, imaging sciences, dermatology, skin diseases, MRI, neuro, cardio, surgery, cancer, disease epidemiology, diagnosis and their management etc. The Journal encourages rapid publication of clinical images from medical cases, radiology studies or clinical pathology observations with a short description. The journal stretched its scope of publications over all imaging modalities and all clinical areas like endocrinology, diabetes, cancer, surgery, metabolism, psychology, medicine, allergy, asthma, clinical immunology, cardiovascular diseases, cancer science, urology, gynecology and radiology issues related to patients, policy and practice improvements, and clinically-oriented imaging physics and informatics. Annals in Clinical Images is a valuable resource and a wonderful platform for practicing clinicians with an interest in imaging.

Open Access - Annals of Short Reports and Clinical Images


  • Clinical Images in Cancer
  • Clinical Images in Diagnostics Imaging
  • Clinical Images in Oncology
  • Clinical Images in Cardiology
  • Clinical Images in Endoscopy
  • Clinical Images in Radiology
  • Clinical Images in Colonoscopy
  • Clinical Images in Internal Medicine
  • Clinical Images in Skin Diseases
  • Clinical Images in CT Scan
  • Clinical Images in Surgery
  • Clinical Images in MRI
  • Clinical Images in Ultrasound
  • Clinical Images in Dermatology