Neurol Curr Res. 2024;3(1):NCR-03-1021 | Open Access

POTS Treatment Complicated by Clots, Pulmonary Embolism and Endocarditis

Leilani J Miranda, Michelle Z Chiu and Anna D Hohler

CASE REPORT Updated Mar 13, 2024   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2024;3(1):NCR-03-1020 | Open Access

Electromagnetic Field Stimulation Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

Felipe P Perez, Jorge Morisaki, Haitham Kanakri and Maher Rizkalla

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Jan 05, 2023   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2022;2(3):NCR-02-1019 | Open Access

Long COVID: Is There a Role for Antidepressants?

Rafael Rivas-Vázquez , Enrique J Carrazana , Mark A Blais , Gustavo J Rey , Emma Rivas-Vázquez and Alan A Quintana

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Dec 30, 2022   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2022;2(3):NCR-1018 | Open Access

Autism: Present Scenario and Future Perspectives

Milind Parle

PERSPECTIVE Updated Sep 29, 2022   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2022;2(2):NCR-1017 | Open Access

Epigenetics of Neurotrauma

Dagra A, Barpujari A, Bauer SZ, Olowofela BO, Mohamed S, McGrath K, Robinson C, Robicsek S, Snyder A and Lucke-Wold B

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Sep 29, 2022   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2022;2(2):NCR-1016 | Open Access

A Pilot Study of the Botulinum Toxin Injection in the Psoas Major Muscles for Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease Patients

Ryuji Neshige

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Sep 14, 2022   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2022;2(2):NCR-1014 | Open Access

Similarities among Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia May Call for a Similar Treatment

Chakraborty Aand Diwan A

MINI REVIEW Updated May 11, 2022   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2022;2(2):NCR-1013 | Open Access

Involvement of Frontal Lobes and Cingulate Gyri in Symptom Clusters of Fatigue and Pain in Myasthenia Gravis: Observation Based on Brain Perfusion SPECT

Shin-Tsu Chang

CASE REPORT Updated Apr 11, 2022   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2022;2(1):NCR-1012 | Open Access

Genetic Abnormalities behind the Parkinson’s Disease, and its Therapeutic Intervention

Ashok Chakraborty and Anil Diwan

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Feb 08, 2022   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2022;2(1):NCR-1011 | Open Access

The Many Faces of Anderson - Fabry Disease

Akash Virupakshaiah, Hind Alsharhan, Caitlin Menello, Hana Alharbi, Nicole M Engelhardt, Nicole Luongo, Can Ficicioglu and Sonika Agarwal

CASE REPORT Updated Jan 27, 2022   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2021;2(1):NCR-1010 | Open Access

Sub-Ependymal Nodular Cortical Heterotopia Associated with Cerebellar Hypoplasia in a Nigerian Man with Epilepsy: A Case Report

Komolafe MA, Anele CO, Adebowale AA, Sanusi AA, Idowu AO and Fawale MB

CASE REPORT Updated Jul 07, 2021   PDF

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Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder in a Male African Teenager - A Case Report

Ozomma S, Philip-Ephraim E*, Williams U, Oparah S, Idika K and Ohio E

CASE REPORT Updated Jun 09, 2021   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2020;2(1):NCR-02-1008 | Open Access

Chemotherapy and Cancer Related Fatigue: A Prospective Study in Rural Cancer Survivors of Malwa Region of Punjab

Khushpreet Brar, Shveta Sharma and Saurabh Kumar

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Sep 03, 2020   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2019;1(2):NCR-01-1007 | Open Access

Vascular Risk Factors which Influence the Prognosis of Prodromal Alzheimer Disease

Monge-García V, Gasparini-Berenguer R, Pérez-Cejuela C, Gabaldón L, Sánchez-payá J, Leiva- Santana C and Monge-Argilés JA

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Pre-Processing and Segmentation of Brain Image for Tumor Detection

Bandyopadhyay SK

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Apr 08, 2019   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2019;1(1):NCR-01-1005 | Open Access

The Lone Parent Syndrome

Ridvan Alimehmetiand Arba Cecia

CASE REPORT Updated Apr 04, 2019   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2019;1(1): NCR-01-1004 | Open Access

Primary Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia: Reevaluation of an Acknowledged Concept

Saeed Shoja Shafti

SHORT COMMUNICATION Updated Apr 04, 2019   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2018;1(1):NCR-01-1003 | Open Access

Subacute Fibrosing Nodular Polymyositis: Nodular Variant of Polymyositis with Pronounced Contractures of “Woody” Firm Muscles and Painless Intramuscular Nodules: A Case Report

Valery M Kazakov, Dmitry I Rudenko, Tima R Stuchevskaya, Vladislav O Kolynin and Natalya V Shuleshova

CASE REPORT Updated Oct 29, 2018   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2018;1(1):NCR-01-1002 | Open Access

Is it Possible to Prevent Progression from MCI to Alzheimer Disease?

Mun Seong CHOI

SHORT COMMUNICATION Updated Sep 03, 2018   PDF

Neurol Curr Res. 2018;1(1):NCR-01-1001 | Open Access

Acute Solitary Tract Nucleus Insufficiency in Chronic Heart Failure

Howard Jaster J

EDITORIAL Updated Aug 23, 2018   PDF