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Oncology Clinics Journal is a peer reviewed, open access journal aims to publish significant information in the fields of experimental and clinical oncology.

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Oncology Clinics Journal is a peer reviewed open access journal aims to publish significant and up-to-date articles within the fields of experimental and clinical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology. Oncology Clinics covers all the aspects of oncology from clinical & medical fields as carcinogenesis - etiology, mechanisms; molecular biology; recent developments in tumor therapy; general diagnosis; laboratory diagnosis; diagnostic and experimental pathology; oncologic surgery; and epidemiology and its diagnosis, treatments & therapies.

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Kamalakannan Palanichamy, PhD - Oncology Clinics Journal

Kamalakannan Palanichamy, PhD

Ohio State University College of Medicine
United States

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Michael Froehner, MD

University Hospital Dresden

Qian Qiu, MD, PhD - Oncology Clinics Journal

Qian Qiu, MD, PhD

Chongqing Public Health Medical Center

Meng Xiangjun, MD, PhD - Oncology Clinics Journal

Meng Xiangjun, MD, PhD

Shanghai Ninth Peoples Hospital

Lucio Mango, MD - Oncology Clinics Journal

Lucio Mango, MD

UOC Medicina nucleare, Azienda Ospedaliera San Camillo Forlanini

Irina Nakashidze - Oncology Clinics Journal

Irina Nakashidze

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi Teaching University, Batumi

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Carmela Rita Balistreri

University of Palermo

Zhitao Dai - Oncology Clinics Journal

Zhitao Dai

Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

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Evangelos I. Papanastasiou

Orthopaedic Surgeon trained in Medical Acupuncture

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Soldano Ferrone, MD, PhD

Harvard Medical School
United States

Gamal H. Eltabbakh, MD - Oncology Clinics Journal

Gamal H. Eltabbakh, MD

Lake Champlain Gynecologic Oncology
United States

Ross Allen Abrams, MD - Oncology Clinics Journal

Ross Allen Abrams, MD

Rush University Medical Center
United States


Oncol Clin J. 2018;1(1):OCJ-01-0001 | Open Access

Sentinel lymph nodes status in endometrial cancers

Ibrahim A. Abdelazim, Mohannad Abu-Faza and Waheeb Naser

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Apr 23, 2018   PDF