Clin Oncol J. 2020;2(1):TCOJ-02-1006 | Open Access

Quality of Life in Sudanese Women with Breast Cancer in Khartoum Oncology Hospital, 2017

Solafa Omer Bushra Himedan and Mohammed Ibrahim Hassan

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Apr 21, 2020   PDF

Clin Oncol J. 2019;1(1):TCOJ-01-1005 | Open Access

Sexual Dysfunction among Female Patients with Breast Cancer in Middle East in the Last Decade: A Narrative Review November 2019

Mohamed Abdallah Mohamed, Azza Mustafa Aljaali, and Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan Ibrahim

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Dec 16, 2019   PDF

Clin Oncol J. 2019;1(1):TCOJ-01-1004 | Open Access

Bladder Cancer Chemotherapy Resistant Cell Harbors Stem-Like Characteristics Construction and Characterization of T24 Resistance Strain of Bladder Cancer

Qiu Min, Sheng Nan Cao, Ya Ping Gan, Tie Shan Song, Fu Xing Liu and Zhi Feng Ning

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jun 14, 2019   PDF

Clin Oncol J. 2018;1(1):TCOJ-01-1003 | Open Access

Healthcare’s Data: Information Technology for Oncology

Nicola Gentili and Mattia Altini

EDITORIAL Updated Oct 15, 2018   PDF

Clin Oncol J. 2018;1(1):TCOJ-01-1002 | Open Access

Tyrosine Kinas Inhibitor and Fertility

Zahra Mozaheb

MINI REVIEW Updated Oct 16, 2018   PDF

Clin Oncol J. 2018;1(1):TCOJ-01-1001 | Open Access

A Rare Case of Cutaneous Metastasis from Bladder Sarcomatoid Urothelial Carcinoma

Akdeniz N, Sayın S, Yaman O, Karhan O, Isikdogan A and Kaplan MA

CASE REPORT Updated Aug 28, 2018   PDF