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Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Management after Megaprosthesis Arthroplasty of Lower Limb

Lorenzo Andreani, Andrea Vullo, Federico Falcinelli, Neri Elisabetta, Ferrari Elisa and Capanna Rodolfo

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Prediction of Shot-Put Performance under Plyometric Exercises Training - A Field Study

Raghu K and Moiz Ahmed

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Physical Anthropometrical Psychological and Performance of Volleyball Players in Telangana Universities - A Field Study

Jatothu Somanna

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Etiological Factors Affecting Development of Flat Foot - A Cross Sectional Study in Eastern India

Pabitra Kumar S, Diwakar Mishra, Sakti Prasad D and Mamata manjari S

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Bilateral Strengthening in Unilateral Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy

Dimitrios Stasinopoulos

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World J Phys Med Rehabil. 2020;2(1):WJPMR-02-1009 | Open Access

Potential Athletes Perceptions of Orthodox and Traditional Botanical Derivatives as Ergogenic Drugs for Sports Performance: Implications for Sports Administration in Nigeria

Agwubuike EO, Alagbu Chukwubuikem Eugene and Innocent N

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Human Kinetics and Engineering (Technology) Education Teachers, Perception on Health Safety Practice Skills: Legal Liabilities and Tort Administrative Agenda

Eugene AC, Innocent N, Blessing CII, Adline AC, Obidigbo AE, Victor O, Edith AA, Okey UC Louis N, Chidinmma OE, Ekwutosi KC, Tobechukwu AV and Emmanuel OS

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Effect of Taping on Pain, Grip Strength, and Function in Deskbound Workers with Lateral Epicondylalgia

Jayati Mehta, Merlyn Tilak, Anita Rebecca Sundrasekaran, Prashanth H Chalageri and Bijesh Yadav

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Prevalence and Associated Factors of Low Back Pain among School Teachers in Mekelle City, Northern Ethiopia, 2016: A Cross Sectional Study

Tsiwaye Gebreyesus, Solomon Weldemariam, Solomon Fasika, Eskedar Abebe and Manay Kifle

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Prevalence of Diastasis Recti and Associated Factors among Women Attending Antenatal and Postnatal Careatmekelle City Health Facilities, Tigray, Ethiopia

Abayneh Alamer, Gebresilassie Kahsay and Hariharasudhan Ravichandran

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Technological Diagnostics of Mental Physiological and Intellectual Human Condition According to Spectral Analysis of Biofield

Bryndin EG and Bryndina IE

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Nutritional Values of Organic Farm Products, its Implications to Improved Sports Performance and Adequate Management of Athletes in Nigeria

Alagbu Chukwubuikem Eugene, Alagbu Chinwe Adline , Chike-Ijezie Ifeoma Blessing and Agwubike Elias Okey

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Can Emergency Medicine Become Redundant?

Andrew Hague

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Pain: Physical and Emotional

Andrew Hague

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