Am J Cardiovasc Sur. 2021;1(1):AJCVS-02-1005 | Open Access

Fatal Thrombosis after Discontinuation of Anticoagulation in A High-Risk Patient

Violeta Chica-Sáez, María Sevilla-Martínez and Manuel García-Delgado*

IMAGE ARTICLE Updated Apr 05, 2021   PDF

Am J Cardiovasc Sur. 2021;2(1):AJCVS-02-1006 | Open Access

Novel Scalp Cooling Method during Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest

Jonathan Kendall*

IMAGE ARTICLE Updated Apr 05, 2021   PDF

Am J Cardiovasc Sur. 2020;1(1):AJCVS-1-1004 | Open Access

Comparison of Percutaneous Vs. Surgical Drainage for Pericardial Effusion with Tamponade Physiology in a Single Institution Over One Year

Basile S, Singh D, Nawaz Y, Stivala C and Klena JW

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Mar 10, 2020   PDF

Am J Cardiovasc Sur. 2020;1(1):AJCVS-1-1003 | Open Access

The Coxibs: Are we Ready to Admit Mistakes?

Martin Hála

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Feb 21, 2020   PDF

Am J Cardiovasc Sur. 2019;2(1):AJCVS-1-1002 | Open Access

Left Ventricular Assist Device ‘Pocket’ Infection: Alternative Treatment Strategy

Louis Samuels, Alexandra Tuluca, Timothy Robbins, Amy Iobst, Ramsey Dallal, Rafael Bonita and Benham Bozorgnia

CASE REPORT Updated Nov 20, 2019   PDF

Am J Cardiovasc Sur. 2019;1(1):AJCVS-1-1001 | Open Access

Intraoperative Embolization of a Left Ventricular Apical Thrombus to the Innominate Artery during Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery: Diagnosis and Management

Alexandra Tuluca, Fahad Athar, Saifeldin Mahmoud, Louis E Samuels, Mansoor Husain and Saravanan Ramamoorthy

CASE REPORT Updated Oct 25, 2019   PDF