Ann Phys Med Rehabil. 2024;2(1):APMR-02-1011 | Open Access

Spasticity Management: A Comprehensive Review of Pharmacological and Interventional Treatment

Eghosa Edogun*, Mohit Bandla and Seth Herman

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Apr 11, 2024   PDF

Ann Phys Med Rehabil. 2023;2(1):APMR-02-1010 | Open Access

Family-Based Rehabilitation Oromotor Exercise for Pediatric Patients with Oral Phase Dysphagia

Rizky Kusuma Wardhani, Mohamad Yanuar Amal, Budiati Laksmitasari, Skolastika Mitzy Benedicta, Chika Carnation Tandri and Luh Karunia Wahyuni

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Functional Evolution after an Adapted Physical Activity during Long COVID

Karoui S, Khezami MA, Ben Jeddou I, Bahlouli E, Ben Salah FZ and Dziri C

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Efficacy of Channel Tendon Therapy for Spontaneous Pneumothorax

Li Zhang, Jinghua Wu, Bixia Wu and Wenbin Zheng

CASE REPORT Updated Aug 10, 2023   PDF

Ann Phys Med Rehabil. 2022;2(1):APMR-02-1007 | Open Access

Osteoporosis Knowledge, Self-Efficacy and Perception of Health Belief Among Collegiate Girls

Priyanka Band Jothi Prasanna K

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jun 08, 2021   PDF

Ann Phys Med Rehabil. 2021;1(2):APMR-02-1006 | Open Access

Indoor Air and the Future of Living Environments

Eduardo de Oliveira Fernandes

EDITORIAL Updated Oct 07, 2021   PDF

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Energy Spectrum CT Differential Diagnosis of Idiopathic Calcification and Ossification of Adult Intervertebral Disc: A Report of Three Cases

Xiaolin Wu, Wenbin Cong, Hongfei Xiang, Guoqing Zhang, Zhu Guo and Bohua Chen

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The Effect of in-Hospital Physiotherapy on Handgrip and Physical Activity Level after Cardiac Valve Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Jinxiu Chen, Tianfang Zhang, Wangxiao Bao, Guiying Zhao and Zuobing Chen*

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Progress of Pinprick Sensation Examination in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury

Genlin Liu, Jianjun Li, Hongjun Zhou, Yiji Wang, Haiqiong Kang, Ying Zheng, Chunxia Hao, Ying Zhang, Bo Wei, Xiaolei Lu, Yuan Yuan and Qianru Meng

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Acute and Chronic Effects of Smoking on the Peripheral Nervous System

Hilmi Uysal, Fatih Üzer, Melike Yıldırım Yıldız, Muzaffer Türkeş Demir, Abir Alaamel, Gizem Kızılay and Ömer Özbudak

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