Clin Cases Med. 2024;4(1):CCM-04-1024 | Open Access

CAR-T Cell Therapy after Treatment with Bispecific Monoclonal Antibody: Case Report

Rey-Búa B, Alejo E, Puertas B, González-Calle V, Puig N, Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez NC, García-Sanz R and María-Victoria M

CASE REPORT Updated Apr 04, 2024   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2024;4(1):CCM-04-1023 | Open Access

Cardiac Tamponade and Pericardial Effusion in a Patient with Stage 3 Malignant Melanoma Treated with Pembrolizumab-A Case Report

Daniel Ubokudum , Ovie Okorare and Unwam Jumbo

CASE REPORT Updated Jan 12, 2024   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2023;4(1):CCM-04-1022 | Open Access

Identification of Novel PRKAG3 Isoform in Indian Glioma Patient Samples

Megha Chaudhary, Gargi Nandi, Naveen Soni, Nargis, Sushmita Jha, Kunzang Chosdol, Rajdeep Chowdhury and Bhawana Bissa

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jan 06, 2023   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2023;3(1):CCM-03-1021 | Open Access

Adult-Onset Mitochondrial Myopathies with Dyspnea as the Main Manifestation: A Case Report and Literature Review

Yongxun Zhuansun, Zizhang Yin, Jing Li, Yumo Du, Rui Chen, Lin Lin and Jianguo Li

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated May 10, 2023   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2023;3(1):CCM-03-1020 | Open Access

Wilkie Syndrome, Changing Perspectives in Image Visualization

Ronchi Brunela , Peña Gustavo and Eede Gabriela

CASE REPORT Updated Feb 10, 2023   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2023;3(1):CCM-03-1019 | Open Access

Titin Variant Cardiomyopathy Unveiled by Rigorous Aerobic Exercise

Irvine B , Ayinapudi K , Farhana L , Le Jemtel TH and Johnson C

CASE REPORT Updated Feb 10, 2023   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2023;3(1):CCM-03-1018 | Open Access

Severe Symptomatic Proteinuria in a Patient with Polycythemia Vera

O De Marco, Diomedi FC, Vallese S , Bianchi S , Gigante A and Cianci R

CASE REPORT Updated Feb 10, 2023   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2022;2(2):CCM-1016 | Open Access

Findings from a Metrological Analysis of Test-Strip Use in Diabetes Home-Care Control: A Confirmation

Franco Pavese

MINI REVIEW Updated Oct 10, 2022   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2022;2(2):CCM-1015 | Open Access

Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Associated with SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Post-Mortem Case Study

da Silva CGL, Maria do Socorro Vieira dos Santos, Feitosa Machado SS, Barreto Tiburi RG, Pinheiro Jucá MC, Barros LL, de Carvalho AFM, Novais Lima BR, de Souza Bezerra JP and Rolim Neto ML

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Sep 26, 2022   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2022;2(1):CCM-1014 | Open Access

Fecal Calprotectin Screening before Anti-IL17A Treatment in Patients with Psoriasis: Is there a Relationship between Fecal Calprotectin Level and Psoriasis Severity?

Meliksah Taner, Tumay AK, Burhan Engin, Tugce Eskazan and Gunay Can

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Sep 09, 2022   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2022;2(1):CCM-1013 | Open Access

Neurological Manifestations of Inborn Errors of Metabolism in a Previously Undiagnosed Young Adult

Calleja MAA, Vicente PC, Montserrat MC, Andy CFB, Oscar TG, Luisa VZK, Irene SG, Rosario ML, Inmaculada BAD, Elena TDM, Lara RA, Fernando PP and Lucia GDE

CASE REPORT Updated Aug 02, 2022   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2022;2(1):CCM-1012 | Open Access

Dermatologic and Systemic Manifestations of Secondary Syphilis

Khamdan F and Shah M

CASE REPORT Updated Jul 08, 2022   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2022;2(1):CCM-1011 | Open Access

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) A Perspective from Diabetologist

Suhas Erande

PERSPECTIVE Updated Jun 28, 2022   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2022;2(1):CCM-1010 | Open Access

Impact of Genetics and Stem Cells Factors Increase Risk in the Cases of Anorectal Malformations during Development

Saxena AK, Kumar V, Sinha L, Kumar U and Kumar S

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jun 28, 2022   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2021;1(2):CCM-1009 | Open Access

Role of Volumetric Chest High-Resolution CT in the Diagnosis of Mounier-Kuhn Syndrome

Husam H Mansour

CASE REPORT Updated Sep 18, 2021   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2021;1(2):CCM-1008 | Open Access

Cryptogenic Stroke and Migraine: A Unique Case of Migrainous Infarct in a Young Male

Syed Hasan Ahmad

CASE REPORT Updated May 18, 2021   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2021;1(1):CCM-1007 | Open Access

Prevalence Estimates of COVID-19 by Web Survey Compared to Inadequate Testing

David N. Ku, Ben Ku, Traci Leong and Zixiang Liu

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Mar 26, 2021   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2021;1(1):CCM-1006 | Open Access

Post EVL Bleeding Ulcers: A Pictorial Mini Review

Kapil D Jamwal

IMAGE ARTICLE Updated Feb 10, 2021   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2021;1(1):CCM-1005 | Open Access

Drawn Out of Cancer Space Infection to Frontal Region: Rare Complication

Madhumita Srivastava

CLINICAL VIDEO Updated Feb 25, 2021   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2021;1(1):CCM-01-1004 | Open Access

Bioaeresols and Coronavirus Diffusion, Transmission, Carriers, Viral Size, Surfaces Properties and Other Factor Involved

Mauro Luisetto, Nili BA, Khaled Edbey, Mashori GR, Ahmed Yesvi Rafa and Oleg Yurevich Latishev

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jan 25, 2021   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2020;1(1):CCM-01-1003 | Open Access

Cognitive Deficits in a Patient with Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

Theofilidis Antonis

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Oct 21, 2020   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2020;1(1):CCM-01-1002 | Open Access

Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Pneumonia in a Renal Transplant Recipient: Case Report

Ezgi Ersoy Yesil*, Hasan Kayabasi, Mustafa Behcet Demirbas and Dede Sit

CASE REPORT Updated Aug 03, 2020   PDF

Clin Cases Med. 2020;1(1):CCM-01-1001 | Open Access

Interesting Case of Traumatic Brain Injury - Neuropsychological Assessment

Theofilidis Antonis, Sofologi Maria, Fountoulakis Kostas and Nimatoudis John

CASE REPORT Updated Apr 10, 2020   PDF