J Pediatr Dent Hyg. 2023;2(1):JPDH-02-1009 | Open Access

Complete Fusion of Permanent Mandibular Right Central and Lateral Incisors - Report of A Rare Case with Literature Review

Nagaveni NB

CASE REPORT Updated Jul 28, 2023   PDF

J Pediatr Dent Hyg. 2023;2(1):JPDH-03-1008 | Open Access

Lateral Periodontal Cyst in a Pediatric Patient - Report of a Rare Case

Nagaveni NB

CASE REPORT Updated May 25, 2023   PDF

J Pediatr Dent Hyg. 2022;2(1):JPDH-1007 | Open Access

Unusual Root Development in a Pre-Eruptive Intracoronal Resorptive Lesion of Permanent Molar: A Rare Occurrence

Kumar N and Kumari R

CASE REPORT Updated Jul 11, 2022   PDF

J Pediatr Dent Hyg. 2021;2(1):JPDH-1006 | Open Access

A Comparative Evaluation of the Change in pH of Four Endodontic Sealers Overtime and their Antimicrobial Effectiveness: In Vitro Study

Vaibhav A Chaudhari, Shyam Agrawal, Rachit Mathur, Nitin Kararia, Ankit Sharma, Dhaval Desai

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Aug 10, 2021   PDF

J Pediatr Dent Hyg. 2020;1(1):JDPH-01-1005 | Open Access

Dental Diagnoses throughout COVID-19 Pandemics

Frederico Buhatem Medeiros, Levy Anderson Cesar Alves and Paulo Sérgio Silva Santos

LETTER TO EDITOR Updated Oct 23, 2020   PDF

J Pediatr Dent Hyg. 2020;1(1):JDPH-01-1004 | Open Access

A Study of Whole Grain Consumption Pattern along with its Determinants and Health Benefits in Various Students of Western Maharashtra, India

Shilpa A Pratinidhi, Mohak Tilokchandani M, Chaitanya Bhujbal and Siddhi Bhalgat

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Feb 10, 2020   PDF

J Pediatr Dent Hyg. 2019;1(1):JDPH-01-1003 | Open Access

Affirmation: Fluoridated Water Reduces Caries in Children

Louis Z G Touyz and Leonardo M Nassani

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Aug 12, 2019   PDF

J Pediatr Dent Hyg. 2018;1(1):JDPH-01-1002 | Open Access

Ocular Prosthesis in Dentistry-A Review

Rohit K, Vinay U, Versha S, Akshetya P and Shipra J

CASE REPORT Updated Aug 30, 2018   PDF

J Pediatr Dent Hyg. 2018;1(1):JDPH-01-1001 | Open Access

A Rare Case of Non Syndromic Oligodontia of Deciduous Teeth and its Correction Using Hollywood Bridge

Taneja S

CASE REPORT Updated Aug 27, 2018   PDF