About the Journal

Journal aim is to publish original works in all related clinical and medical disciplines and encourage authors to submitted original, relevant and genuine data to share and exchange their knowledge through our journal. Journal also concentrates on the case diagnosis, surgical techniques, procedures, prevention and treatments for better health outcomes. Authors can present their works in the forms of Case Reports, Clinical Studies, Case Series, Case Blogs, Clinical Images, Clinical Videos, et al. WJCCRCS follows strict and rigorous double-blinded peer-review process under supervision of the journal Editorial Board. Content available at our journal can be freely accessible by everyone; and can download, share without any barriers.

Open Access - World Journal of Clinical Case Reports and Case Series


  • Oncology Case reports
  • Surgery Case reports
  • Hepatology Case reports
  • Hematology Case reports
  • Neurology Case reports
  • Psychiatry Case reports
  • Family Medicine Case reports
  • Internal Medicine Case reports
  • Gynecology Case reports
  • Obestrics Case reports
  • Densitometry Case Reports
  • Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice
  • Epidemiology Case Reports
  • Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology Case Reports
  • Genetics Case Reports
  • Hematologic Diseases Case Reports
  • Molecular Allergy Case Reports
  • Oncology and Cancer Research
  • Ophthalmology Case Studies
  • Dentistry Case reports
  • Pharmocology Case reports
  • Respiratory Medicine Case reports
  • Cardiology Case reports
  • Anatomy and Clinical Cases
  • Biological Chemistry Case Reports
  • Department of Veterinary Science Case Reports
  • Food Science and Technology Case Reports