Ann Surg Edu. 2024;5(1):ASE-05-1054 | Open Access

Chailing Decoction Generated Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells and Suppressed Activity of mTOR Signaling Pathway in a Murine Cardiac Transplantation Model

Deli Cui, Youman Zhang, Changjun Tan and Zhong Liu

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Apr 02, 2024   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2024;5(1):ASE-05-1053 | Open Access

Critically Appraising Mentorship: Fostering the Next Generations in Cardiothoracic Surgery in the UK

Michelle Lee, Georgia Layton, Elizabeth Belcher , Deborah Harrington , Gillian Hardman , Betsy Evans , Narain Moorjani and Karen Booth

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Mar 15, 2024   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2024;5(1):ASE-05-1052 | Open Access

Democratizing Virtual Surgical Planning of Mandibular Reconstruction with Fibular Free Flap: A Feasibility Study Comparing Open Source and Commercial Software

Renaat Coopman

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Mar 02, 2024   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2024;5(1):ASE-05-1051 | Open Access

Real-World TRAE Association between Niraparib and Platinum-Based Chemotherapy

Linli Wang, Haibin Wang , Wenling Han , Chunyun Fang and Jieli Zhou

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Feb 15, 2024   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2023;4(2):ASE-04-1050 | Open Access

Evaluating the Impact of Augmented-Reality Software on Surgical Training: A Pilot Study

David L Warner, Albert Lwin, Sarah Biber, Cherrie Abraham and Erin W Gilbert

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Oct 11, 2023   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2023;4(2):ASE-04-1049 | Open Access

Sclerosing Mesenteritis Masquerading as Ileal Malignancy

Vibhu Jain, Santhosh Irrinki, Amanjit Bal and Kailash Chand Kurdia

CASE REPORT Updated Sep 15, 2023   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2023;4(2):ASE-04-1048 | Open Access

A Multicentric Regional Experience about Mesh Using During Hiatal Hernia Repair

Dorotea Bosco, Roberto Scilletta, Salvatore Perrotti, Giovanni Ciaccio , Luigi Piazza , Diego Piazza, Andrea Maria Luca Di Stefano, Antonino Agrusa, Gialuca Di Mauro, Paolo Locurto, Carla Di Stefano, Vincenzo Gaetano Piazza, Rosalia Latino and Antonio Di Cataldo

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Aug 09, 2023   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2023;4(2):ASE-04-1047 | Open Access

CT-Guided Sacro-Iliac Injury Fixation Experience at the University Hospital Fundación Santa Fe de Bogota and Hospital Infantil Universitario de San José from 2012 to 2018

Juan David Lacouture-Suarez, Carlos Mario Olarte, Gustavo Matson, Juan David Bernate, Pablo Andrés Caicedo, Stephanie Renza, Jonathan Tihanyi, Julián Salavarrieta, Rodrigo Pesantez

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Aug 08, 2023   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2023;4(2):ASE-04-1046 | Open Access

Evaluation of Oxidative Stress and Clinical Parameters among Female Breast Cancer Patients of Sargodha, Pakistan

Aima Iram Batool, Iqra Umar, Fariha Idrees, Fayyaz Ur Rehman , Aksa Akram, Syed Sikander Habib and Hakim Bibi

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jul 21, 2023   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2023;4(2):ASE-04-1045 | Open Access

Educational Quality of Thyroidectomy YouTube Videos

Daniel Vinh, Daniel Chelius , Amy Dimachkieh and Elton M Lambert

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jul 10, 2023   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2023;4(1):ASE-04-1044 | Open Access

Hyperandrogenism of Tumor Origin in Adolescence: A Case Report

Clemente-Tomás CP, Garcés-Valenzuela M, Martín-Calama Valero J, Cabeza-Vengoechea PJ, Colecha-Morales M, Domingo-Barrado I and Moreno-Sanz L

CASE REPORT Updated Jul 07, 2023   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2023;4(1):ASE-04-1043 | Open Access

Small Bowel Volvulus with Large Mesenteric Defect in Pediatric Patient: An Unusual Presentation of Acute Abdomen

Rohit Mittal, Vinita Chaturvedi, Neeraj Tuteja and Atul Kumar Khare

CASE REPORT Updated Jun 28, 2023   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2023;4(1):ASE-04-1042 | Open Access

Enhancing Patient Safety: Exploring the Contributions of Clinical Pharmacists in Antimicrobial Surgical Prophylaxis

Satyam Suman, Riya Johns and Neveen Kohaf

PERSPECTIVE Updated Jun 16, 2023   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2023;4(1):ASE-04-1041 | Open Access

Alternative Management of Placenta Accreta: A Case Report

Clemente-Tomás CP, Abril-Utrillas N, Cebolla-Gil P, Herrero-Serrano R, Moreno-Sanz L, Spinoso-Cruz V and Garcés-Valenzuela M

CASE REPORT Updated Jun 16, 2023   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2023;4(1):ASE-04-1040 | Open Access

Beyond UpToDate and Patient Updates: Surgery Residents Using Their Phones for a Novel Text Messaging Education Tool

Viemma Nwigwe, Elizaveta Minko, Katherine Fischkoff and Subhash Krishnamoorthy

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Apr 17, 2023   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(3):ASE-1039 | Open Access

A Survey of Medical Students’ Attitudes Concerning Career Decisions

Sugiyama K, Watanuki H, Nishimura M and Matsuyama K

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Oct 17, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(3):ASE-1038 | Open Access

Bilateral Pulmonary Hydatid Cyst in Eight Years Old Girl who Underwent One Stage Operation with Folly Catheter for Blockage of Left Main Bronchus for Prevention of Aspiration

Manouchehr Aghajanzadeh, Ali Ashraf, Ali Alavi Foumani, Azita Tangestaninejad, Rastinhossinzadeh Asli, Ehsan Hajipour Jafroudi, Yousha Pourahmadi and Mahsa Mousazadeh

IMAGE ARTICLE Updated Aug 24, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(3):ASE-1037 | Open Access

A Rare Case of Giant Gall Bladder Mimicking as Right Iliac Fossa Lump: A Case Report

Varshney A, Mishra KPM, Dwivedi S and Singh A

CASE REPORT Updated Aug 10, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(3):ASE-1036 | Open Access

Modified MIS-PLIF with Percutaneous Pedicles for Lumbar Degenerative Disease

Zhao-Quan Liu, and Chih-Ju Chang

CLINICAL VIDEO Updated Jul 20, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(3):ASE-1035 | Open Access

Postoperative Seroma after Hernioplasty: What can we do? A Systematic Mini-Review of Treatment Options

Capitán MO, Sukia IN, Crespo ER, Garcia IA, Ponce IA, Rodriguez LC, García AL and Otaegui LG

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jul 08, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(2):ASE-1034 | Open Access

Clinical Case of Four-Day Torsion of Ovarian Teratoma and Secondary Appendicitis in a Child

Konoplitskyi Viktor, Holovashchenko Oleksandr, Blazhko Serhii and Korobko Yurii

IMAGE ARTICLE Updated Jul 07, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(2):ASE-03-1033 | Open Access

Mentoring the Mentors - A Case for Grooming Role Models

Rakhshanda Layeequr Rahman

EDITORIAL Updated Jun 02, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(2):ASE-03-1032 | Open Access

The Learning Curve of Robot-Assisted Rectal Surgery by Cumulative Sum Analysis in Binh Dan Hospital, Ho Ch Minh City, Vietnam - A Preliminary Study

Tran HV, Nguyen MP, Hoang CV, Nguyen HP, Vu Ak, Pham PV and Duong HV

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated May 05, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(2):ASE-03-1031 | Open Access

Application of BOPPPS Teaching Model in Clinical Teaching Practice of Orthopedics

Zhizhuo Li, Xu Yang1, Fuqiang Gao and Wei Sun

SHORT COMMUNICATION Updated Apr 21, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(2):ASE-03-1030 | Open Access

Characterization of Patients with Acute Appendicitis in the Elderly

Castillo EG, Rodríguez PRL, González OCL, Rocha JAS and Quiala LM

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Mar 09, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(1):ASE-03-1029 | Open Access

Course Review: Doctors Academy's Mrcs Part B Osce Course

Poh Tan and Khemerin Eng

PERSPECTIVE Updated Feb 19, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(1):ASE-03-1028 | Open Access

Tips and Tricks for a Sound Rives - Stoppa Repair

Oprea V, Toma M, Grad O and Moga D

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Feb 09, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(1):ASE-03-1027 | Open Access

Should Surgical Skills Be Taught in the Medical School Curriculum? Insights from a Peer-Led Suturing Course for Medical Students

Micah K Harris, Emily L Lu, Thomas Z Gao, Daniel P Harris, Logan Good and David Renton

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Feb 07, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(1):ASE-03-1026 | Open Access

Applications of Co2 Laser in Endoscopic Surgery for Sinonasal Neoplasms

Fabio Ferreliab, Francesco Giombiab, Davide Disantoab, Giuseppe Sprianoab, Giuseppe Mercanteab and Giovanni Colomboab

SHORT COMMUNICATION Updated Feb 03, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2022;3(1):ASE-03-1025 | Open Access

Environmental and Genetic Risk Factors of Nonsyndromic and Syndromic Cleft Lip and Palate - A Literature Review

Uchenna P Egbunah

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jan 12, 2022   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(3):ASE-02-1024 | Open Access

A Virtual Takeover: The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Teaching Methodology in Postgraduate Education and Training

Yasmin Bakr, Govind Dhillon, Jagmeet Bhamra and Baljinder Dhinsa

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Dec 24, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(3):ASE-02-1023 | Open Access

Short Training Program for Neurosurgery Tools as a Solution for Better Performance of Residents in the Operating Room

Mahsa Shakour

SHORT COMMUNICATION Updated Dec 22, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(3):ASE-02-1022 | Open Access

Robotic Lobectomy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Technical Aspects and Long-Term Outcomes

Miroslav P Peev and Robert J Cerfolio

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Nov 20, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(3):ASE-02-1021 | Open Access

Assessing the Effectiveness of the CcrISP™ Course-Time to Help our Surgical Residents Look After our Critically Ill Patients!

Wee IJY, Lim MNHH, PAHR Rathnaweera, Shelat V, Bryden DC, Mah CL, Lee ACand Tang TY

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Nov 18, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(2):ASE-02-1020 | Open Access

Increasing Access to Surgical Education during the COVID Pandemic: Implementation and Outcomes of a Pilot Online Weekend Journal Club in Paediatric Orthopaedics

Sagar Tontanahal, Shyamsundar LG, Birhanu Ayana, Ahmed Nawid, Arunkumar Hulsoore, Sreejith Krishnan, DorukOzgediz and Vrisha Madhuri

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Nov 10, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(2):ASE-02-1019 | Open Access

Idiopathic Spontaneous Hemothorax: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Aanuoluwapo Obisesan and William Burfeind

CASE REPORT Updated Sep 02, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2020;2(2):ASE-02-1018 | Open Access

The Hidden Cost of Wound Healing Treatments: A Cost Analysis of Epidermal Harvester, Unna Boot Wraps, and Minced Tissue Grafting

Shu Ting Liang, Brian J. Simmons and Matthew LeBoeuf

SHORT COMMUNICATION Updated Aug 18, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(2):ASE-02-1017 | Open Access

Surgical Treatment of Bilateral Hydrocele of the Canal of Nuck: A Rare Entity for Inguinal Swelling in Adult Female

Julieta Giacone, Agustin C Valinoti and Emmanuel E Sadava

CASE REPORT Updated Aug 13, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(2):ASE-02-1016 | Open Access

An Easy to Use Workflow of 3D Medical Reconstruction for Preoperative Planning and Surgical Education

Yuan Chai, Rachel W Li, Robert Simic, Paul N Smith, Krisztina Valter and Ajay Limaye

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Aug 12, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(1):ASE-02-1015 | Open Access

The National Surgical Training Scheme in Cardiothoracic Transplantation: Training Competent Transplant Surgeons in the United Kingdom

Espeed Khoshbin and Stephen Clark

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jul 08, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(1):ASE-02-1014 | Open Access

Towards a “Liquid” Evaluation during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges, Opportunities and Changes Arising from Reflections of Medical Students and Surgical Lecturers

Héctor Guadalajara Labajo, Barbara Soria-Juan, Saúl Fernández-González, Álvaro Palazón, Isabel Pascual Migueláñez, Olatz Lopez-Fernandez and Damián García-Olmo

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jun 26, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(1):ASE-02-1013 | Open Access

Are Orthopedic Hand Surgery Fellows Learning the Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Technique?

Nicholas A. Beck, Ericka A. Lawler and Joseph A. Buckwalter V

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Mar 25, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(1):ASE-02-1012 | Open Access

Do Irish Surgical Trainees believe they are Adequately Trained to Manage our Ageing Population?

Czara Annamaria Kennedy, Sandra Hembrecht, Megan Power Foley, Kevin Barry and David Shipway

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Feb 26, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(1):ASE-02-1011 | Open Access

A Long Call Home: General Surgery Residency and Burnout

Daniel Jones

EDITORIAL Updated Jan 30, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2021;2(1):ASE-02-1010 | Open Access

Analysing Audience Participation at a Surgical Trainee Conference: Is there A Gender Imbalance?

Juliet Laycock

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jan 28, 2021   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2020;1(2):ASE-01-1009 | Open Access

Refocusing Surgical Resident Education Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis: A Mental Imagery-Based Transfer Learning Approach for Virtual Teaching of Operative Fundamentals

Saurabh Sinha, Susanna D. Howard and Vivek P. Buch

EDITORIAL Updated Dec 18, 2020   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2020;1(2):ASE-01-1008 | Open Access

Educating Surgeons on Listening: A Critical Communication Skill

Steven E Raper, MD, JD*, Johncy Joseph, RN, MBA, Denise LaMarra, MS, and Jeffrey H Millstein, MD

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Dec 18, 2020   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2020;1(2):ASE-01-1007 | Open Access

Antioxidants and Growth Factors in the Treatment of Alopecia with Injectables

Ana Mery Da Silva Leite, Marcela Sene Fiorese, Force Tefo Thema and E Marcela Avelina Bataghin Costa

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Sep 03, 2020   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2020;1(2):ASE-01-1006 | Open Access

Attention Health Care Professionals! Follow Simple Tips to Reduce the Transmission of the COVID-19

Mudassir Ahmad Khan, Syed Shuja Qadri, Mukhtar Ahmad Khan and Qazi Iqbal

MINI REVIEW Updated Jun 10, 2020   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2020;1(1):ASE-01-1005 | Open Access

Left Side Appendix with Appendicitis

Bhushan STV, Nadaf SC and Anil B

CASE REPORT Updated Jan 07, 2020   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2019;1(1):ASE-01-1004 | Open Access

Stoma Site Selection: Why and How?

Mudassir Ahmad Khan, Mohammad Ashraf Bhat, Javaid Ahmad Magray, Asif Mehraj, Rauf A Wani, Fazl Q Parray, Nisar A Chowdri and Zaheer Ahmed

PROCEEDINGS Updated Oct 03, 2019   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2019;1(1):ASE-01-1003 | Open Access

Neck Haematoma Secondary to Spontaneous External Jugular Vein Rupture

Mandy Mak, Ahmad Hariri and Francis Vaz

CASE REPORT Updated Oct 03, 2019   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2019;1(1):ASE-01-1002 | Open Access

Innovative Use of Sound Enhancer in Medical Education

Shijina K, Ravi Kumar C, Vinayak Chavan, Abhinav Aggarwal, Saurabh Gupta, Likhitha Reddy C, Mohan PB and Pathan I

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jul 04, 2019   PDF

Ann Surg Edu. 2019;1(1):ASE-01-1001 | Open Access

The Novel Platform for Self-Directed Peer-To- Peer Medical Simulation for Development of the Technical and Non-Technical Competences

Povilas Ignatavicius, Rita Gudaityte, Paulius Dobozinskas, Dinas Vaitkaitis, Asta Krikscionaitiene and Zilvinas ambrauskas

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jun 20, 2019   PDF