Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2024;6(1):OJNFS-06-1032 | Open Access

Formulation of Organoleptically Acceptable Maize- Based Complementary Food Enriched with Beetroot
(Beta Vulgaris) and Faba Bean (Viciafaba) at Debube Ari Woreda, Southern Ethiopia

Anteneh Tadesse* and Tamerat Gutema

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Feb 15, 2024   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2023;5(1):OJNFS-05-1031 | Open Access

A Rigorous Analysis of the Pharmacological Properties, Extraction, Stabilization Method, and Nutritional Content of Wheat Germ Oil

Ananya Pandey, Saumya Das, Piyush Vatsha, Vishnu Prabhakar, Arnab Goswami, Nirjhar Duttagupta, Chanchal Koley, Ankan Pradhan, Rajat Bhattacharjee, Sajal Kumar Jha, Suddhasatya Dey,Biplab Kumar Chakra3, Diptendu Sekhar Biswas, Reshmi Mukherjee and Padma Charan Behera

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Nov 02, 2023   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2023;5(1):OJNFS-05-1030 | Open Access

Nutritional, Functional and Bioactive Properties oSorghum (Sorghum Bicolor I. Moench) with its FutureOutlooks: A Review

Shamsedin Mahdi Hassan

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Jun 14, 2023   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2023;5(1):OJNFS-05-1029 | Open Access

Composition, Phyto-Chemical Properties, Recovery of Bio Active Components and Different Applications Food and Nonfood of the Spent Coffee: A Review

Shamsedin Mahdi Hassan*

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Jun 01, 2023   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2023;5(1):OJNFS-05-1028 | Open Access

Assessment of the Prevalence and Determinants of Childhood Overweight and Obesity among Public and Private Secondary School Students in the Urban Community of Niamey, Niger

Garba Balarabé Maimouna, Salifou Alkassoum, Adehossi Ericand Sadou Hassimi

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Apr 06, 2023   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2023;5(1):OJNFS-05-1027 | Open Access

Review on Improved Grain Storage Techniques Such as Grainpro, Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) Bag, and Metal Silo

Kumsa Negasa Andersa, Hayat Hassen Mohammed, Tolina Kebede Regasa, Zenaba Kadir Abdisa and Endris Hussen Ahmed

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Jan 31, 2023   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2022;4(2):OJNFS-04-1026 | Open Access

Antihypertensive Peptides Generated during Cheese Ripening

Rita Mehla

MINI REVIEW Updated Jan 09, 2023   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2022;4(2):OJNFS-04-1025 | Open Access

The Hair Golden Range Yardstick for Assessing the Optimal Bio Element Nutritional Status

Morović S, Višnjević V, Morović J, Lykken GI, Skalny AV, Končar D and Momčilović B

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jan 02, 2023   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2022;4(1):OJNFS-04-1024 | Open Access

Trials to Improve Quality of Marinated Poultry Meat by Using Chemical Food Additives

Diaa Eldin IM, Eman T Abou Sayed-Ahmed, Hamada M Hassan, Fahim Shaltout and Gehan Abdallah El-shorbagy

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Jul 27, 2022   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2022;4(1):OJNFS-04-1023 | Open Access

Secular Trends in Human Height in Southeast Asian Countries after WWII

Hiroshi Mori

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jun 30, 2022   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2022;4(1):OJNFS-04-1022 | Open Access

Isolation and Identification of LAB from Sudanese Traditional Fermented Camel (Camelus dromedarius) Milk Gariss

Ahmed AI

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jun 27, 2022   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2022;4(1):OJNFS-04-1021 | Open Access

Formulation and Quality Assessment of Value Added Black Tea Beverage Tablet - A Black Tea Diversification Product

Baishakhi De and Goswami TK

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Apr 14, 2022   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2022;4(1):OJNFS-04-1020 | Open Access

Graphene Oxide Derivatization of Electroless Nickelized Aluminum Surface as a Novel Concept in Fabrication of SPME Fiber: Application to HPLC Determination of Some Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Yalda Pasandideh

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Mar 21, 2022   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2022;4(1):OJNFS-04-1019 | Open Access

Incorporation of Cinnamon Showed Evidence Based Value Addition in Black Tea

Baishakhi De and Tridib Kumar Goswami

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Mar 11, 2022   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2022;3(1):OJNFS-03-1018 | Open Access

Integrated Chemometric Fingerprints of SSR Markers and Leaf Polyphenol Profile for Marker-Trait Associations in C. Sinensis Species

Myriam Lamineand Ahmed Mlikia

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jan 12, 2022   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2021;3(1):OJNFS-03-1017 | Open Access

Trends of Quality Indices, Volatile Aroma Compounds Accumulation and Biological Capacities along Ripening Stages of Citrus fruits: Measuring Ripeness for Harvest Planning

Myriam Laminea, Fatma Zohra Rahalib and Ahmed Mlikia

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Dec 27, 2021   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2021;3(1):OJNFS-03-1016 | Open Access

Nutritional Quality Perceptions through Fatty Acid Profiling, Health Lipid Indices and Antioxidant Potentialities

Myriam Lamine and Ahmed Mlikia

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Dec 27, 2021   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2021;3(1):OJNFS-03-1015 | Open Access

Citrus Sinensis Tissue-Specific Specialized Metabolism Elucidated via Non-Targeted Metabolomics Strategy

Myriam Lamine and Ahmed Mliki

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Mar 15, 2021   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2021;3(1):OJNFS-03-1014 | Open Access

Miracles of Honey "It is a Healing for People"

Walaa Fikry Elbossaty

MINI REVIEW Updated Jan 11, 2021   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2020;2(1):OJNFS-02-1013 | Open Access

Phytotherapy: Tool against Obesity

Debasis Bora, Nivedita Singh and Shaligram Sharma

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Aug 27, 2020   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2020;2(1):OJNFS-02-1012 | Open Access

Cooking Salt Content in Food Cubes Commonly used in Northern Togo

Adjangba KM, Agbodji Y, Agoro S and Amouzou EKS

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Aug 14, 2020   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2020;2(1):OJNFS-02-1011 | Open Access

Louis Pasteur Revisited: A Rebuttal to the Germ Theory of Infectious Disease and its Relevance to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Peter Grandics

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Jul 30, 2020   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2020;2(1):OJNFS-02-1010 | Open Access

Hippocrates's Advice and Nutritional Secrets

Anas A Salem and Nada A El Shahawy

EDITORIAL Updated Apr 14, 2020   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2020;2(1):OJNFS-02-1009 | Open Access

Antibiotic Resistant Organisms in Retail Beef Sold In Ovia North and South Local Government Areas of Edo State Nigeria

Jesumirhewe C, Badmus OM and Onyenwe NE

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Feb 17, 2020   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2020;2(1):OJNFS-02-1008 | Open Access

Assessment and Effectiveness of Fennel Powder Extract Based Cookies in Hyperglycemic Subjects

Rabia Shabbir, Muhammad Imran, Saman Arshad and Faiz-Ul-Hassan

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jan 22, 2020   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2020;2(1):OJNFS-02-1007 | Open Access

Anemia and Determinants among Severely Malnourished Children Admitted to Amhara Regional Referral Hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia

Temesgen Yihunie Akalu, Adhanom Gebreegziabher Baraki, Haileab Fekadu Wolde, Hanna Demelash Desyibelew, Behailu Tariku Derseh, Abel Fekadu Dadi and Wubet Worku Takele

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jan 13, 2020   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2019;1(1):OJNFS-01-1006 | Open Access

Taste Perception in Pediatric Clinical Settings: A Review

Masaru Kubota, Ayako Nagai and Yukie Higashiyama

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Dec 31, 2019   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2019;1(1):OJNFS-01-1005 | Open Access

Semmola-Meryon-Duchenne Syndrome: Possible Therapeutic Role of Nutritional Supplements

Aamir Jalal Al Mosawi

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated Dec 13, 2019   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2019;1(1):OJNFS-01-1004 | Open Access

Prenatal Malnutrition and Its Devastating Consequences on Mental Health Later in Life

Ernst J Franzek, Kingsley O Akhigbe and Ingrid EMG Willems

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Jun 10, 2019   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2019;1(1):OJNFS-01-1003 | Open Access

Food and Medicinal Values of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Linne Malvaceae) Plant Parts: A Review

Md. Mahbubul Islam*

REVIEW ARTICLE Updated May 20, 2019   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2019;1(1): OJNFS-01-1002 | Open Access

Long-Term Monitoring of Giardia as an Etiological Agent for Food-Borne Outbreaks in USA: A Brief Report

Mostafa Essam Ahmed Mostafa Eissa

CASE REPORT Updated Apr 29, 2019   PDF

Open J Nutr Food Sci. 2019;1(1):OJNFS-01-1001 | Open Access

Distribution of Thiobarbituric Acid Reactive Species in Conventional and Biodegradable Modified Atmosphere Packaging in Various Pork Meat Products

Hawthorne Luzia Maria, Doll Florian, Stecker Manuel, Beganovic Anel, Huck Christian Wolfgang, Noordanus Aeneas Willem, Margreiter Gerhard, Schwarz Matthias, Scheibel Stefan, Lothar Zapf, Prem Markus, Bach Katrin

RESEARCH ARTICLE Updated Apr 05, 2019   PDF